Surgical Specialties


Envision Medical specializes in endoscope, rigid scope, power equipment, fiber-optic lighting cables, and instrumentation. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive real time evaluation and repair services in a cost effective manner for the surgical marketplace. LEARN MORE.


The NEBULAE™ I System is a flexible and cost-effective insufflation system that provides higher clinical performance. The modular design allows the surgeons to enhance their procedure at any given time, alleviating the need to commit to an expensive setup at the onset of the operation. LEARN MORE.

Next Science

Xbio formulations leverage a patented composition-of-matter and use approach which encompass the non-toxic technology designed to physically break down the biofilms’s protective structures. This exposes and eradicates bacteria that are enveloped within the technology and provides targeted therapy with no known antimicrobial resistance. LEARN MORE.

US Surgitech

U.S. Surgitech began with a revolutionary vision for the surgical consulting industry – to pair excellence in quality and service with unmatched affordability. U.S. Surgitech offers disposable instrument and surgical patient comfort solutions. LEARN MORE.


RAC Medical Solutions provide irrigation fluid warming and slush drapes at the highest quality in the market today. LEARN MORE.


Microline Surgical partners with healthcare providers to streamline intraoperative efficiencies and drive significant cost savings for laparoscopic surgical specialties. LEARN MORE.


One instrument, achieving more. We offer Olympus’ THUNDERBEAT® advanced energy portfolio. One platform. Dual energies. The versatility to replace multiple instruments. All powered by a single, universal generator. LEARN MORE.


Surgistar has been manufacturing single-use Ophthalmic, ENT and Plastic cutting instruments for over twenty years. Our products are manufactured using the highest levels of care and precision at our manufacturing facility in Vista, California. LEARN MORE.

Sharp Medical Products

Placement of a chest tube into the thoracic cavity has been around for more than 100 years with virtually no change in technique! The Reactor® offers medical professionals a revolutionary way to insert chest tubes into the thoracic cavity. LEARN MORE.


HNM Medical is a global leader in the manufacturing and distri- bution of the highest quality orthopedic instrumentation. Our orthopedic portfolio is made of the highest German-grade materials, which comply with CE, FDS and ISO standards. LEARN MORE.


Inspektor Borescope is an all in one, waterproof system used to examine the lumens of surgical instruments, arthroscopic shavers, and GI endoscopes. Its STERRAD compatibility, auto focus and illumination features and “plug and play” design make easy to use and even easier to improve patient outcomes. LEARN MORE.

American Surgical Company

Absorbent, single-use surgical tools, for use across a wide array of medical specialties. Our products are all made in the United States and created to meet the requirements of new and improved surgical techniques. Studies show that ASC patties out-perform our competitors in all key categories, from greatest absorbency to best pliability. LEARN MORE.

JET Surgical

Pioneering a new concept in surgical holsters, the JET Multi-Instrument Safety Holster is the first holster designed to securely hold several electrosurgical instruments of varying sizes. LEARN MORE.


Air-Matt Incorporated manufactures patient transfer equipment designed to enhance Safe Patient Handling programs. Our current products consist of air assisted lateral transfer replacement mats which are compatible with all of the major manufacturers transfer systems commonly in use today. LEARN MORE.

YelloPort by Surgical Innovations

YelloPort offers a cost effective and waste reducing solution to trocars and cannulas. YelloPort trocars are reusable, but the key component is disposable. LEARN MORE.